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This suite has everything you need for a romantic night in for two, or a flexible, comfortable and spacious stay for one.
With a sleek and contemporary setting, this luxury apartment features all of the latest technology and is close to central Halifax.
This modern and elegant apartment is located a short walk away from Halifax train station and has recently been completely refurbished.
Immaculate top floor apartment with beautifully decorated interiors on two levels
Sleep in style at this beautifully furnished, one bedroom residence split over three floors.
This beautiful townhouse is split over three levels and has a large, homely living area that’s ideal for entertaining family and friends.

Experience the Ultimate Music Festival at Live at The Piece Hall 2023

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Live at The Piece Hall 2023, the most anticipated music festival of the year? Simple2let Serviced Apartments invites you to experience the thrill of live music and create unforgettable memories in the vibrant city of Halifax, West Yorkshire.

At Simple2let, we provide luxury serviced apartments in Halifax and Huddersfield, offering the perfect accommodation for your stay during the music festival. Whether you’re attending for leisure, business, or corporate purposes, our serviced apartments are designed to cater to your needs. With a range of self-catering and holiday homes available, you can choose between short or long-term bookings to suit your preferences.

Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of Live at The Piece Hall 2023. The Piece Hall is not only a historic architectural gem but also a renowned venue that hosts a diverse range of events throughout the year. From contemporary music concerts to awe-inspiring site-specific performances, circus spectacles, and captivating street theatre, there’s always something happening at The Piece Hall.

The festivities extend beyond the music and include delightful markets, special food and drink celebrations, and fairs that showcase the best of local flavors and crafts. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, indulge in delicious treats, and discover unique treasures while exploring the various stalls. The visual arts scene at The Piece Hall is equally remarkable, with a substantive sculpture program that adds an extra touch of creativity to the surroundings.

The Piece Hall’s magnificent courtyard serves as a stunning backdrop for major televised events, including the Tour de Yorkshire and the BBC’s Antiques Road Show. These televised events bring a sense of grandeur and excitement to the venue, further enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

When attending Live at The Piece Hall 2023, it’s essential to plan your visit accordingly. Please note that the majority of concerts, gigs, and events at The Piece Hall are standing only, with limited fixed benches available. Gates open at 6 pm, and while show times are subject to change, the entertainment is expected to start at 7 pm and conclude at 11:00 pm. To fully soak up the incredible atmosphere and secure a great spot, we highly recommend arriving early.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the impressive lineup for Live at The Piece Hall 2023. Prepare to be blown away by the sheer talent and diversity of musical acts gracing the stage:

Friday, 16 June: Madness

Saturday, 17 June: Madness

Sunday, 18 June: UB40 Featuring Ali Campbell

Tuesday, 20 June: Queens Of The Stone Age

Wednesday, 21 June: The War On Drugs

Friday, 23 June: Rag’n’Bone Man

Saturday, 24 June: The Jacksons & Sister Sledge

Friday, 30 June: Ministry Of Sound Classical

Saturday, 1 July: Embrace, Starsailor & Ellur

Sunday, 2 July: Hozier, Allisson Russell & Victoria Canal

Monday, 3 July: George Ezra

Tuesday, 4 July: Sting & Dagny

Wednesday, 5 July: The Cult

Thursday, 6 July: George Ezra

Friday, 7 July: James, Jamie Webster & Tom A Smith

Saturday, 8 July: James, Jamie Webster & Tom A Smith

Sunday, 9 July: The Lumineers

Saturday, 12 August: Limp Bizkit**

Tuesday, 22 August: boygenius Ethel Cain

Wednesday, 23 August: boygenius Ethel Cain

Friday, 25 August: Orbital Groove Armada 808 State

Saturday, 26 August: The Charlatans Johnny Marr Wax-Tree-Cast

Each night promises a captivating performance by acclaimed artists, showcasing their musical prowess and delivering unforgettable moments. From legendary bands like Madness and The Jacksons to contemporary stars such as Hozier and Rag’n’Bone Man, the lineup caters to diverse tastes and guarantees an electrifying experience.

To enhance your stay in Halifax, take advantage of Simple2let Serviced Apartments’ convenient location near The Piece Hall. Our luxury accommodations provide a comfortable and stylish retreat, allowing you to recharge after a day filled with music and excitement. Whether you’re attending the festival for a weekend or an extended period, our serviced apartments offer the ideal home away from home.

During your visit to Halifax, we also encourage you to explore the city’s rich cultural heritage and attractions. Don’t miss the chance to discover other remarkable sites, such as Shibden Hall, a historic house and park that once belonged to the famous diarist Anne Lister. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Shibden Park and uncover the intriguing history within its walls.

As you plan your trip, remember that the Piece Hall events program consists of both free events and ticketed shows, running on selected dates throughout the year. Make sure to check the official website for Live at The Piece Hall 2023 for more details on ticket availability and prices.

In conclusion, Live at The Piece Hall 2023 is a music festival that promises an extraordinary fusion of talent, ambiance, and entertainment.

Experience the Best of Music at Live at The Piece Hall 2023

Are you a music enthusiast looking for an unforgettable experience this summer? Look no further! The Piece Hall in Halifax, UK is proud to present “Live at The Piece Hall 2023,” a spectacular music festival that will delight music lovers from all walks of life. Running from 18th June to 26th August 2023, this highly anticipated event promises a lineup of incredible artists and bands that will have you dancing the night away.

A Diverse Lineup of Musical Talent

Live at The Piece Hall 2023 boasts an impressive lineup featuring renowned artists from various genres. Get ready to sing along to the iconic hits of Madness as they take the stage on Friday, 16 June and Saturday, 17 June. Experience the infectious rhythms of UB40 Featuring Ali Campbell on Sunday, 18 June, and rock out to Queens Of The Stone Age on Tuesday, 20 June. The festival continues to offer a diverse range of performances, including The War On Drugs, Rag’n’Bone Man, The Jacksons, Sister Sledge, Ministry Of Sound Classical, Embrace, Hozier, George Ezra, Sting, The Cult, James, The Lumineers, Limp Bizkit, and many more.

Immerse Yourself in the Unique Atmosphere

When you attend Live at The Piece Hall 2023, you’re not just attending a music festival, but also immersing yourself in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The Piece Hall’s magnificent courtyard creates a beautiful backdrop for these incredible performances. As you soak in the electric energy of the crowd, you’ll also be surrounded by the historical charm of this iconic venue. With its rich heritage and architectural grandeur, The Piece Hall sets the stage for an unforgettable music experience.

Plan Your Visit

To make the most of Live at The Piece Hall 2023, it’s essential to plan your visit in advance. Gates open at 6pm, and show times are subject to change. Entertainment is expected to start at 7pm and conclude around 11:00pm. We recommend arriving early to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and secure the best spot to enjoy the performances.

Book Your Accommodation with Simple2let Serviced Apartments

When attending Live at The Piece Hall 2023, ensure your stay in Halifax is comfortable and convenient. Simple2let Serviced Apartments provides luxury serviced apartments in Halifax and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Whether you’re visiting for leisure, business, or a corporate booking, our serviced accommodation is the perfect choice. With self-catering options and holiday homes available for short or long-term bookings, you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay during the music festival.

Explore More of Halifax and Huddersfield

While you’re in the area, take the opportunity to explore the charm and beauty of Halifax and Huddersfield. After enjoying the music festival at The Piece Hall, discover the historical sites, cultural attractions, and natural landscapes that these towns have to offer. Don’t miss the chance to visit Shibden Hall, once belonging to the famous diarist Anne Lister and now a captivating museum in the heart of Shibden Park.

Get Ready for an Unforgettable Music Experience

Live at The Piece Hall 2023 promises to be a music festival like no other. With its diverse lineup, stunning venue, and electrifying atmosphere, this event is set to create memories that will last a lifetime. Secure your tickets, plan your visit, and book your stay with Simple2let Serviced Apartments to ensure an unforgettable summer filled with incredible music and unforgettable moments and to purchase tickets, please visit the official website of Live at The Piece Hall 2023. You can also stay updated on the festival’s social media channels for announcements, lineup additions, and behind-the-scenes insights.

Enhance Your Music Festival Experience with Internal and External Links

To further enhance your music festival experience and provide you with valuable information, we’ve included some internal and external links. These links will help you explore related content and discover more about the artists, the venue, and the surrounding areas.

Internal Links:

Simple2let Serviced Apartments - Book your accommodation with Simple2let Serviced Apartments in Halifax or Huddersfield to enjoy a comfortable stay during the music festival[0][adults]=2&items[0][children]=0&items[0][infants]=0&currency=GBP&checkInDate=2023-06-11&checkOutDate=2023-06-12&trackPage=no

External Links:

Live at The Piece Hall Official Website - Visit the official website of Live at The Piece Hall 2023 for the latest updates, ticket purchases, and additional information about the festival

The Piece Hall - Learn more about the historical significance and architectural beauty of The Piece Hall, the iconic venue hosting the music festival

Shibden Hall - Discover more about Shibden Hall, the captivating museum located in Shibden Park, and explore the history of this remarkable site

We hope these links provide you with valuable resources to plan your visit, enhance your festival experience, and explore the surrounding attractions.


Get ready for an extraordinary summer filled with exceptional music, vibrant energy, and unforgettable moments at Live at The Piece Hall 2023. This music festival promises to captivate audiences with its diverse lineup and stunning venue. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this remarkable event and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Book your accommodation with Simple2let Serviced Apartments, plan your visit to The Piece Hall, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Halifax and Huddersfield. Get ready for an incredible music festival experience like no other.

Remember to follow the festival’s official channels and stay updated on the latest announcements and lineup additions. Secure your tickets and prepare for a summer of extraordinary music and unforgettable moments at Live at The Piece Hall 2023!

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